JavaScript Debugging Tips

Just thought I would share some very useful debugging tips that I have been using over the past two weeks to help with my portion of the CS401 project.
The most invaluable tool I use is Google Chromes developer tools:
The use of this is amazing for identifying issues not only with your JavaScript but also with CSS and HTML.
More specific to JavaScript are the following two tricks:

Console Logging

console.log("whatever you want to log"+ variables +"\n\t");

This is great for keeping track of variables and to notify when a function is called. This was a big help when I started implementing the swipe and jQuery Mobile styles.


alert("whatever you want to log"+ variables +"\n\t");

This is an older technique that I still prefer when doing spot checks, the only problem I have run into with this is slowing down the reaction/smoothness of the functions being called. A benefit of this is that one does not need to view the JavaScript Console to see what is happening.

That’s all for now, I will definitely post more debugging tips if I come across any.


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